"The tour was tops. I can't stop talking about it. I enjoyed every little part. Thought the Hampton was just fine and so conveniently located. The cruise was fabulous. Loved it all and you were a great tour guide and all the gals were so compatible and enjoyable. Thanks for a great time!"
- Karen

"I was pretty apprehensive about the trip, because I don't sew a lot of clothes anymore. (I make quilts.) However, I came home very inspired to jump back in. I don't move as fast I used to (I used to make at least a garment a week), but I have big plans to at least make up the fabric I bought in New York. You and Marla were awesome tour guides, especially compared to what I experienced on my quilt tour in Oregon last summer. New York was exhausting, but fun, varied and inspirational. Not to mention a great price! I had a wonderful time!"
- Lauren

"I am safely arrived home and having a thoroughly enjoyable time recalling all the wonderful moments and events of the tour. As I never expected to ever go to New York (and who wouldn't want to go there) my pleasure is magnified many times and I will always remember the sights, sounds, the incredible mix of nationalities, the constant buzz of foreign languages, AND THE FABRIC SHOPS!!!! I am so grateful for the efforts you and Marla made to organize the tour and I am especially happy to tell you that providing me with my room mate, Paula, and what a delightful companion she turned out to be, was just the 'icing on the cake'."

"The favorite part of the tour... take your pick... the company of the other girls, and they were so welcoming and friendly, the richly diverse range of all of the events (i especially enjoyed the museums), the freedom to 'do our own thing ' in the free time, and THE FABRIC SHOP. I wouldn't change the format of the tour... there is something for everyone. I will never forget this incredible experience... I have told everyone who asks that it was like a dream... with love and best wishes to you and Marla."
- Diane from Australia

"This tour took all the fears of visiting a big city away. With Marsha and Marla guiding us on to the correct subway or bus we visited the inner sanctums of designers, wholesale fabric houses, found little niche fabric shops. We cruised around Manhattan island and dined very well. I just wish I could have done this 40 years ago but I experienced it in this lifetime. Don't put this trip off!!"
- Cherry D.

"How inspiring - I've been on a high for 5 days and counting since I returned home. How else could I have known about the leather shop run by Russian immigrants? Each building housing a vertical village filled with surprises."
- Sue B.

"This was my first trip with American Sewing and it meet all of my expectations and more. The mix of sewing, sightseeing and NY itself was wonderful. I would highly recommend it. The tour staff was well informed, friendly and more than willing to answer all of our questions. Great experience!!"
- Joyce F.

"You are simply going to love this and it is worth every penny."
- Mary Lynn F.

"I enjoyed every part my NY adventure, it was my first visit and there was a just right combination of the broader NY experience and the garment district."
- Ellena

"I enjoyed this tour so much, I was expecting mostly shopping, but instead we got the bonus package. Marsha gave us a well rounded tour. Full of behind the scenes, fun filled days, that were inspirational, educational, interesting, and just plain fun. Her style of showing us around, taught us well, and even those of us most scared of the big city, felt comfortable enough to explore on our free time. I am already saving for next year, and I cannot recommend this trip enough. I highly recommend, to take a trip like this, at least once in your life. You won't regret it."
- Mickey H.

"Every single aspect of this trip was relevant and exciting to experience. Going behind the scenes to the designer workrooms and Simplicity were priceless experiences. Fabric and accessory shopping was so much fun and I appreciate the guidance in knowing where to shop. This is the best planned trip I have ever experienced and highly recommend it for anyone interested in sewing and fashion."
- Karen F.

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